Dead Rites New EP Obscure! Pre-order link. Album release date 11/09/2018

Hello my friends!


This just in…..

Come and see us at our pre-tour show this coming Sept 5!


On November 9th we release Obscure



With a cover from the very talented Elaine McMahon the album was originally a single and ended up being an EP. A new recording of Midnight with three new original songs and an Alice Cooper Cover!

The EP was engineered and produced by Andy Reilley who worked with Iron Maiden during the Brave New World recordings and with Bruce Dickinson during accident of Birth and on Moonspell’s Butterfly Effect. So I am assuming that we are in good company.


Where can you get your copy of this awesome release? Well I am glad that you asked!!


You can get the album and some combos in there including the all inclusive everything package where you get everything that we have on the page. You can preorder the CD, hoodies, shirts and more on that page, now most of these items we will be making depending on demand.


Speaking of Demand, the vinyl release will be pushed back to May 2019, depending on how many more people ask for them….

If you live in the Atlanta area or are able to travel you can get a CD and a ticket for our CD release show and pick that up at our Atlanta show on 11/10/2018.

We are extremely excited about this release and we cannot wait to play you these songs


Track List:

  1. I dream of the Crows
  2. Obedience
  3. Ab Imo Pectore
  4. Midnight
  5. Roses on White Lace (Alice Cooper Cover)

See you all on the road