Since its inception in 2004, Dead Rites has been making waves in the underground and tearing up stages across the world. Formed by Radu in Atlanta, Dead Rites was to be the ultimate fusion of his favorite genres. Combining the energy and intensity of punk and old-school heavy metal with his brooding, gothic vocal melodies, the band has created a sound that is both fresh and unique. This being coupled with blistering and passionate live performances, Dead Rites has won over many a stubborn crowd and secured a die-hard fan base.

Signed to Hedonism Records in 2005, Dead Rites has since released two studio albums (In the Midst of Malevolence and Dead Alive) to much critical acclaim, and have maintained an exhausting tour schedule that has taken them all over the United States and Japan. Reborn was released in the fall of 2009 and was a drastic change from what fans were used to with Dead Rites before.

At the end of 2009 after the passing of Radu’s father the band took an indefinite hiatus and only played one show in 2011 at the final night of Insomnia. The band has been in pre-production mode for their forthcoming 4th release in 2012. Radu has promised a return to roots a mixture of Reborn and Malevolence. Which has the Dead Rites fans intrigued. We will have to stay tuned to see what is to come from this great band.

Dead Rites has shared the stage with the following National acts: Moonspell, Divine Heresy, Deconstruct, Bleed the sky, Dead Popstars, Silent Civilian, Kittie, To Die for, Michael Graves, Wednesday 13, Virgin Black, Dr Chud’s X-ward and La Guns.

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