Bereavement Out Worldwide

Bereavement has been released world wide and you can get your copy on Itunes, CDbaby or Spotify among others. Go and see what the deal is all about. As for shows we are done touring for 2016 and we will take  a break until January when we go out on the road with Tommy Stewart’s Dyrewulf and we will be hitting some surrounding states and we have a special surprise brewing for Georgia sometime at the end of February and of course if you did not know yet, we will be returning to Japan this coming Spring so there will be lots of things happening in the first part of the year.


In the meantime, Zack will be doing some standup shows, Paul has a show with Priest of the Iron Reich on December 3rd and Radu and Izzie will be finishing out 2016 with the Lords of The Left Hand Black. So we will see you around and we will see you again next year.


See you on the road


Dead Rites