So we have been very quiet on the website. My bad completely, if you follow us on facebook and on twitter you will know what is going on.


After the tour was over we parted ways with Josh and after that we had a final show where Radu fainted during the first song and he had to spend some time in the hospital and recuperating. So as a thanks for coming to THAT Show tomorrow we are having a free show at vision studios.. The reason we haven’t promoted that free show a lot is because we wanted the show to be more as a thank you for all of the people who came to that show and missed it and not a regular Dead Rites show.

So today the day before the show we are doing all of the heavy promotion after all of the people who we knew had come to that show were informed of it. This is a thank you for all of the people who were at that show and paid to not see the bands they came to see perform



Saturday February 17, we are playing with Bishop Lake and Lords of the left hand black, we will have Hip Trance… Belly Dancing at its finest and Dead Rites who will be playing a not so normal set.


Also we added a very awesome young man called Cool Guy Cool Guy who will be opening the festivities with a short set.


The show will be at Vision Studios

3875 Green Industrial Blvd

Atlanta, GA 30341